AP Systems, moving forward into the world with a passion for endless research and technological developments

APS R&D Center

We are developing future technology in semiconductor and next-generation display fields.

AP Systems is concentrating on developing core processing technology and facilities for the manufacturing of Flexible AMOLED, which is predicted to form a vast market, and pushing hard for the R&D to maintain its number 1 place in the global market shares in the related field.

Technology Changes of AP Systems

Core Technology

AP Systems has developed core equipment for the display and semiconductor manufacturing process based on laser applied technology, heat treatment technology, modules, and plasma applied technology, and is providing them to the client companies.

  • 2014 ~ 2016
    Developed base equipment technology of Flexible AMOLED
  • 2016
    Appointment of 7th director (Dr. Kim Do-hun)
  • 2012 ~ 2013
    Developed base technology of bump sputter equipment
  • 2011.08
    Appointment of 6th director (Dr. Yu Unjong)
  • 2010.12
    Appointment of 5th director (Dr. Won-Gu Kang)
  • 2009~2012
    Developed base technology of 1mm FE-SEM
  • 2009~2011
    Developed base technology of display
  • 2009.03
    Appointment of 4th director (Dr. Lee Chun-su)
  • 2008~2009
    Developed base technology of wafer bonder
  • 2007~2009
    Developed FE-SEM base technology of FE-SEM
  • 2008.07
    Appointment of 3rd director (Dr. Kwak Sin-ung)
  • 2006~2010
    Developed base technology of imprint equipment
  • 2004~2007
    Developed base technology of laser thermal process equipment
  • 2004.02
    Appointment of 2nd director (Dr. Kim Do-hun)
  • 2000 ~ 2002
    Developed base technology of one drop filling (ODF)
  • 1998 ~ 1999
    Developed base technology of rapid thermal process equipment (RTP)
  • 1998.02
    Appointment of the first director of the company’s research center (hold concurrent position as the CEO)