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Module  Technology

Vacuum assembly equipment, used for ODF (One Drop Filling) and Encapsulation is made into a module and provided to the client companies, and film assembly equipment, used for the semiconductor packaging process (TSV 3D), is also made into a module.

  • Vacuum Coalescence: Liquid Crystal/Sealant Dispensing, Vacuum Boning, and UV Cure System applied to mass production of LCD/AMOLED display
  • Film Coalescence: Temporary Bonding and De-Bonding equipment to manufacture semiconductor 3D IC
  • Vacuum Bonding
  • One Drop Filling
  • Encapsulation System
  • Film Bonding
  • Temporary Bond&
    De-Bond Process System

Encapsulation System


It is a process to seal with Glass to prevent penetration of oxygen and moisture, after all the processes of AMOLED has been progressed. It performs sealant process of large area AMOLED, at least the size of generation 4, and we provide facilities for the entire sealant process, unique in Korea.


After spraying the sealant to draw the shape of outward appearance, and then going through the assembly process of upper board and lower glass board, UV is irradiated to harden the sealant.


  • Encapsulation System Configuration
  • Vacuum Assembly Chamber
  • Seal Dispenser
  • Fill Dispenser
  • UV Cure system
  • N₂Environment Transfer system
  • Passage Chamber
  • Getter/Desiccant Dispenser
  • Block Control system

TB System


Semiconductor Temporary Bonding (TB) System
It is a process of temporary bonding the Carrier Wafers, so the Patterning and Handling of the film Wafer/Panel could be done easily, and an equipment system for Film Lamination of Wafer surface.


  • Pinnacle Cut Method
  • Vacuum Chamber Bonding & Lamination
  • Vision Align, which does not need Align Mark
  • Compact equipment Foot print


  • High Precision Film Cut Accuracy with Pinnacle Cut Method
  • Void Free Bonding Process (Vacuum)
  • In-situ Bonding & Vision Aligning
  • Adopted MSP (Motorized Sticky Pin) Method, No Transport Fixture


Cutting Accuracy <±50um
Lamination Process Vacuum Pressure 9 x 10-2 ~ 10-1 Torr
Process Pressing Force ~7.0 ton
Alignment Accuracy <±25um