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Vacuum Assemble/Dispensing Technology

Various dispensing and precision bonding equipment required in semiconductor and display processes are provided to customers.

  • Dispensing equipment provides solutions optimized for customer needs, such as quantitative injection, line formation, and protective film formation.
    - ODF process : Seal Dispenser, LC Dispenser
    - Encapsulation process : Seal Dispenser, Fill Dispenser, Hole Fill Dispenser
    - Module dispenser : Bending protective film, intensity of bonding parts, light leakage prevention
  • The bonding equipment combines two or more wafers, glass, film, and OCA, and provides precision, tact, and environment-specific facilities such as Semiconductor TBDB process, LCD ODF process, OLED Encapsulation, OLED Module Vacuum Lamination, OLED Module Roll Lamination
  • Display Fab Application
  • One Drop Filling
  • Encapsulation System
  • Display Module Application
  • Lamination
    Module Dispenser
    Inkjet Equipment

Encapsulation System


It is a process to seal with Glass to prevent penetration of oxygen and moisture, after all the processes of AMOLED has been progressed. It performs sealant process of large area AMOLED, at least the size of generation 4, and we provide facilities for the entire sealant process, unique in Korea.


After spraying the sealant to draw the shape of outward appearance, and then going through the assembly process of upper board and lower glass board, UV is irradiated to harden the sealant.


  • Encapsulation System Configuration
  • Vacuum Assembly Chamber
  • Seal Dispenser
  • Fill Dispenser
  • UV Cure system
  • N₂Environment Transfer system
  • Passage Chamber
  • Getter/Desiccant Dispenser
  • Block Control system


Vacuum Chamber Lamination

  • Automatically inputs/supplies panels and raw materials (UTG, PSA), and performs lamination.
  • Applicable to 2D/3D/Automotive/ROLL/4side curve PNL process


  • Optimizing the design of silicon PAD applied to 3D construction method for new products
  • Optimize design and improve product quality through particle path and airflow analysis
  • Auto Mapping and OFFSET Auto application due to APC algorithm
  • Minimize JOB CHANGE time by providing Auto Camera Calibration
  • Provide 2D & 3D Lamination Change (by Lego Block detachable mode)
  • Provides function to minimize defect rate by providing ESC foreign body inspection function


Pressing Capacity 2.5TON ~ (TBD)
Align style and point(bonding) VISION / 2parts_4parts can be aligned
Bonding precision < ±80um (TBD)
Material size 3”~ (TBD)
Input style Magazine AUTO TYPE (TBD)
Application Phone, Foldable, Tablet, Note Book Process for Display)

Module Dispenser

BPL and other dispensers

  • Provide the optimized equipment for quantification and coating thickness by resin type
  • User-friendly UI programming for convenient driving
  • Provides precision application by the dispensing head’s management of the discharge of chemical liquid
  • Monitoring discharge droplet mode(Weight, volume, speed, etc),vision checking and data classification algorithm
  • Chemical liquid capacity check and productivity increase due to reduced defect rates due to secure replacement cycles


  • Providing a comfortable application environment by removing contaminants in the Nozzle discharge area and chemical liquid before curing
  • Replacing Syringe(Cartridge) & JET Valve and removing bubbles when valve is activated
  • Chemical liquid capacity check and productivity increase due to reduced defect rates due to secure replacement cycles
  • Providing chemical liquid discharge algorithm
  • Chemical liquid coating process through vision align
  • Measuring Coating Coverage area and checking the level of coating through inspection process


Dispenser Thickness 80um~200um(TBD)
Dispenser Thickness Uniformity 80±30um(TBD)
Vision Align ±20um Component Technology :Plasma Treatment, UV Curing, Dispensing Inspection
Material Size 3”~ (TBD)
Application Phone, Foldable, Tablet, Note Book Process for Display

Inkjet Equipment

OCR Inkjet Printer

  • Providing the best equipment according to the ink characteristics and application fields
  • User Friendly UI programming and convenient operation
  • Auto-alignment technology allows for easy head/pack replacement and precise printing
  • Droplet measurement and vision inspection system and data sorting algorithm


  • Inkjet printers can print on a variety of substrate materials in a desired thickness.
  • It is an eco-friendly manufacturing process that has no restrictions on the printing shape and has a very high solution consumption efficiency through
    DOD(Drop on Demand) inkjet printing.
  • OCR is thinner and clearer than OCA, and the material cost is 10 times lower.


Print Thickness ≤ 200㎛(±5%)
Print Position Accuracy ≤ ±50㎛
Component Technology Head & Droplet Inspection, Pattern Printing Algorithm, Meniscus Pressure Control,
Automated Optical Inspection, Plasma Treatment, UV Curing, Atmosphere or
N2 Conditioning
Application Filling, Bonding, Encapsulation Process for Display