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Thermal Process Technology

We provide rapid thermal process equipment, the core equipment in the entire process of semiconductors, to the client companies.

  • Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) equipment, which treats wafers with high temperature in a short time using tungsten halogen lamps, is applied to the oxidation process.
  • Rapid Thermal Process
  • Halogen lamp

Rapid Thermal Process


The advantage of RTP is the ability to heat or cool rapidly, which raises or lowers the temperature quickly, so cost of thermal process can be greatly reduced. AP Systems’ RTP equipment provides excellent temperature uniformity, wafer rotation, emissivity compensation, and intelligent temperature control.


It is a non-contact rotation using magnet properties (Magnetic Levitation), which secures excellent temperature uniformity within the surface.


Spec Items Unit Specification
Temperature Reading Range 400 ~ 1250
Temperature Control Range 435 ~ 1200
Temperature Ramping-Up Rate ℃/sec Up: 250℃/sec, Down: -90℃/sec
Process Pressure Torr 780±2 ~ 1×10-3
RTO Range @ 1100℃, 60sec, X-scan, 49Points, 3 EE Å, 1σ ≤±0.5
Rs Range @ 700 ~ 1100℃, X-scan, 81Points, 3 EE Ω/Sq, 1σ ≤15
Pyrometer to Pyrometer Peak Temp Uniformity Target±1.0℃ @Bare Wafer
RTO/Rs Non-uniformity %,1σ RTO: 0.48%, Rs: 0.72%
RTO/Rs Repeatability %,1σ ≤1.5%, 1σ
Temp. Stability & Repeatability <±1.0℃
Rs WTW Non-Uniformity %,1σ <1%, 1σ
Mechanical Throughput (2 Chambers) WPH 142
Item Description Unit Specification Remarks
EFEM Load Port Set 2 ~ 3 Class 10
ATM-Robot & Aligner Set 1(Aligner: Option)
TM (Option) Load Lock Set 1(mTorr) Particle Free
Transfer Chamber Set 1(mTorr)
Process Module Heater Block Advanced Mosaic Array Set 1 ~ 3(mTorr)
Ch. Body Cold Wall Chamber Set 1 ~ 3(mTorr)
Lamp Type ea 290(T Shape Bulb)
Temp. Control Temp. Control Performance Control Range 435 ~ 1200℃ ±0.5℃ Control
(Option: Spike)
Ramping-Up Max. +240℃/sec
Ramping-Down Max. -80℃/sec
Pyrometers per chamber Quantity ea 5
Process 49 Points RTO Range Å ≤1 @1σ
49 Points Rs Non-Uniformity % ≤1 @1σ